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Dan Mall

Founder at Design System University

Don't sleep on Magic Patterns! It's one of the most promising design system tools I've seen lately.

Amulya Balakrishnan


I love the product and wish I had a tool like this when I was working on frontend engineering projects in the past.

Sho Kuwamoto

VP of Product at Figma


Austin Pantall

Director of Technology

I've been making some simple components and things have been working well. I really love your platform.

Adam Ricks


I'm a fan of Magic Patterns. I used it about ~2 weeks ago and I can already see the great strides the team has made. I upgraded because I love that Magic Patterns generates quality designs and generates the tailwind / css for me. I can make modifications but if your app gets me 75% of the way there then I can maintain a high shipping velocity. Compared to other apps, you guys seem to best understand the problem of the user.

Kathryn Gonzalez

Former Head of Design Infra at Doordash

The future of building UI and composing design system components together will be driven by AI — and it’s super exciting to see Magic Patterns lead the way.

Fengjiao Peng

Founder at ShortBread

Def a fan of Magic Patterns! Every time I need to ship something I come back.

Eshan Agarwal

Founder at Epsilon

Have used so many text to design + code tools and this is definitely the best one!

Samuel Crombie

Product Manager at Microsoft

If I don’t want to think too much, Magic Patterns helps me put something down to make it functional, very helpful.

Tribhuvan Joshi

Product Manager at Spinny

This is quite good. I gave it a decently complex description and it actually incorporated elements of the description in the design. Tried a bunch of other tools as well. No one was even close. Quite impressed.

Parth Bharward

CEO at Parthex Tech Inc

Great tool! I went from a free user to paid user within a few hours after being able to visualize many ideas and export to Figma to edit in detail.

Ralles Liu

Engineer at Assembled

I can prototype ideas from just a screenshot before jumping into actual implementation. It’s made UI/UX fun again for me!


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