How Outerbase uses Magic Patterns to speed up their design process

"At Outerbase, we're designing faster, smarter, and iterating more effectively thanks to Magic Patterns. AI is the future and Magic Patterns is the leading-edge."
Outerbase Usage Editor
At Outerbase, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of product design, delivering exceptional UX. Before Magic Patterns, our design process was effective but time-consuming. Every design required a few iterations and going through design review multiple times.
For instance, when redesigning our admin dashboard, we used Magic Patterns to generate multiple design variations of components in just a few minutes. We were then able to discuss multiple high-fidelity variations at design review and figure out a direction to proceed right there and then, which normally would have taken three to four design review cycles.
We've experienced an estimated 50% reduction in time spent from design to prototype, and roughly a 30% decrease in time-to-market for new features.
The Magic Patterns team has been incredibly dedicated towards helping us. They are quick to respond, fix issues, and ship new features.
Magic Patterns has transformed Outerbase's design process: we've unlocked new potentials in design velocity and innovation. We're excited for their vision and can’t wait to see the next game-changing feature they ship.
Brandon StrittmatterCEO, Co-Founder & Design
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FoundedPittsburgh, 2022
Using Magic Patterns sinceSeptember 2023
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