General Tips

  • Remember you can attach screenshots when creating!
  • Be very specific - the longer the better
  • Use keywords; no need for filler words like I want or a component for

Prompting Dos and Don’ts

Don’t: use a short prompts: landing page

Do: be specific and use keywords:

Landing page for B2B SaaS app that helps people find the best deals on flights. It should have a hero section, and list features such as earning credit card points.

Don’t: be vague: features on website

Do: clarify your UI and specific content

Cards with a border, title, description that list my 3 features: self-serve integations, premium support, and custom branding

Don’t: make it think too much: checklist with 4 sections with 3 tasks each showing progress

Do: rephrase in a way to be clear what you want

four sections with 3 checkboxes each. There should be a progress bar for each section that changes, according to the number of checkboxes checked

Don’t: omit names of specific components or variants: a box for checks in a list

Do: mention specific components

Three checkboxes in a list with the primary variant