This section talks about the underlying mechanics of Magic Patterns, shedding light on the technology that powers our service, the architecture, and the measures we take to ensure data security.

Familiarity with this section isn’t necessary for the use of Magic Patterns, but we offer this information for those interested in the technical background and for comprehensive security evaluations.

High Level


User prompt

You begin by entering a text prompt describing the user interface you envision. This could be as simple as “login page for an app” or as specific as detailed descriptions of elements and their behavior.


Retrieve relevant context

Upon receiving your prompt, Magic Patterns retrieves the necessary context from its extensive library of design elements and systems. This process involves matching your description to the most appropriate UI components and layout patterns.


Call relevant artificial intelligence model

The AI model is then engaged to interpret the prompt and context, generating a UI design. The model has been trained on a wide array of UI patterns and design principles, enabling it to produce high-quality, functional designs. Customer data is not used to train or improve publicly avaiable models.


Show output

The final step is showing the output. The generated UI is rendered into a visual preview for your review and can be exported to code or a Figma file, ready for implementation or further refinement. You can also edit the code.

Service Providers

We use a few third-party providers to provide the “magic” of Magic Patterns.

The current list of third-party providers integrated into Magic Patterns is as follows:

VendorNature and PurposeSecurity and Supplemental Measures
OpenAI, L.L.C.OpenAI, L.L.C. is a generative AI services provider for intelligence product features
Azure Cognitive ServicesAzure Cognitive Services is a generative AI services provider for intelligence product features
PineconePinecone is vector database provider that facilitates our vector search features.
StripeStripe processes customer credit cards and payments.


Read about Magic Patterns’ security measures and how we protect your data.